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제3회 북동아시아총장협의회 회의 개최
박재규 총장 등 6개국 13개 대학총장 참석
2004년 04월 21일 (수) 16:19:42 [조회수 : 5711] 경남대인터넷신문 aadm@kyunganm.ac.kr
제3회 북동아시아총장협의회(Northeast Asian Forum of University Presidents) 회의가 지난 4월11일 일본 북륙대학에서 경남대학교 박재규 총장을 비롯 경희대,대전대, 대만 담강대학, 건국기술학원, 일본 북륙대학, 몽골 몽골인문대학, 소욘보행정학원, 중국 대련외국어학원, 북경어언대학, 러시아 극동국립총합대학, 하바로브스크경제법과대학, 이르쿠츠크국립대학 등 6개국 13개 대학 총장들이 참석한 가운데 거행됐다.
이날 회의에서는 상호협력과 교류, 우호관계 증진, 각국문화의 상호 이해, 교육,과학,문화분야의 발전 모색, 북동아 경제발전에 기여, 평화와 번영 창조, 공존공생 실현을 위해 공헌 등의 공동성명을 발표했다.

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Nike Lparskor Dam Rosa
2014-02-18 12:57:31
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Parajumpers Jakker Brn
2014-02-18 11:03:58
She tried to help a stoicism under the weight of this new difficulty, but no! The unexpected revulsion of concepts was so overwhelming that she crept to him and leant against his breast.Before reflecting any further upon the subject Graye led her upstairs and got her to lie down. Then he went for the window and stared out of it up the lane, vainly endeavouring to come to some conclusion upon the great enigma that confronted him. Cythereas new view seemed incredible, however it had such a hold upon her that it would be vital to clear it away by positive proof before contemplation of her fear really should have preyed as well deeply upon her.Sunday morning had come, and Owen was trudging over the six miles of hill and dale that lay involving Tolchurch and Carriford.
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Louis Vuitton København Ny Bu
2014-02-17 20:10:39
How, particularly, will I benefit from attaining my objective? Being clear and specific regarding the rewards that will come from finishing our ambitions is usually a powerful motivator. "Reducing my blood pressure will assistance me reside to see my grandchildren" is very unique than "If I do that, my physician will cease criticizing me."
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Abercrombie And Fitch Københa
2014-02-14 20:12:17
and then they used to find out which of them could tempt her out for any sleigh ride together with the Northern Lights flashing above them, or which could persuade her to come to a dance in some neighbouring barn. But when the spring began, and also the light grew longer, the hearts in the villagers leapt at the sight from the sun,
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Moncler Jakke Børn
2014-02-13 22:37:37
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Moncler Shop København
2014-02-10 21:51:29
in no garments at all. Everyone burst into shouts of laughter at the sight of him, as well as the males laid down the coffin and laughed as well, till their sides practically split. The dead man was so astonished at this behaviour, that he peeped out of somewhat window in the side on the coffin, and cried out:
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Nike Sko Tilbud Mænd
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Moncler Dunjakke Børn
2014-01-27 04:25:52
When it was all over, he once more gave his arm to Miss Tox, and carried out her for the vestry, where he informed the clergyman how much pleasure it would have offered him to have solicited the honour of his business at dinner, but for the unfortunate state of his household affairs. The register signed, along with the costs paid,
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Abercrombie København Abnings
2014-01-23 20:09:23
Everything seemed altered as he ran along the streets. There had been the usual entanglement and noise of carts, drays, omnibuses, waggons, and foot passengers, however the misfortune that had fallen on the wooden Midshipman created it strange and new. Homes and shops were.
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Ralph Lauren Køb
2014-01-23 13:29:26
provided our limited language abilities. I go wait outdoors within the cold for him. A few minutes later, his little red auto pulls up and I climb in. He asks me in slangy Italian what is up. I open my mouth to answer and collapse into tears. I meanwailing. I meanthat terrible,
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