Capstone Design 관련 초청 세미나
Capstone Design 관련 초청 세미나
  • 경남대인터넷신문
  • 승인 2005.03.30 22:11
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1. 행사명 : Capstone Design 관련 초청 세미나 및 2005 Capstone Design 수행과제 중간 발표회
2. 초청강사 : 영남대학교 기계공학과 송동주 교수
3. 특강주제 : 산업체 현장특화된 인력양성을 위한 Capstone Design 활용 및 활성화 방안
4. 행사일시 : 2005년 4월 4일 월요일 오후 1시∼6시까지
(1∼3시까지 특강, 3∼6까지 중간발표)
5. 행사장소 : 제 1공학관 7층 시청각실

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Nike Free København K 2014-01-19 19:14:04
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Nike Free København K

Hollister Butik I GA¶teborg 2014-01-23 11:35:45
I looked at him sadly. In his 1 fine hand, his left hand, he had the small picture of his mother. He looked at the image for a minute, and then put it by a flower around the table. A tear ran out of his eye and down the skin of his huge, ugly face.
Hollister Butik I GA¶teborg

?Køb Af Nike Free Pa Nettet 2014-01-26 03:37:31
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?Køb Af Nike Free Pa Nettet

Beats Pill Højtaler 2014-01-28 21:33:54
He opened his eyes. He exhaled. "You know what the Buddhists say? Do not cling to points, considering that everything is impermanent."
Beats Pill Højtaler